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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We installed cheap battery-operated smoke alarms in every room of our property so we won't need to worry about the new legislation will we?

A: Yes, from 1 January 2022, landlords must install interconnected smoke alarms in residential rental properties. When one goes off, they all go off, giving everyone extra time to escape. For more information click on  THIS LINK.

Can I increase the rent whenever and by how much I want to?

No. Rent can not be increased by more than twice a year, subject to inclusion in the conditions of the lease and then by no more than 5% at a time.

Our property relies on tank water so what are our obligations to tenants?

You are required to provide your tenants with a reasonable level of water at the commencement of the lease based on anticipated usage and rainfall. Water is thereafter the tenant’s responsibility.

What do we need to do if due to family circumstances we need the tenants to vacate our property before the lease expires?

Either party can end an agreement (a fixed term or a periodic), without giving a reason. However, a fixed term agreement cannot be ended before the agreement’s end date, unless both parties agree. The lessor/agent must give the tenant two month’s notice prior to the end of the fixed term lease while the tenant must give the lessor/agent two week’s notice.

Can a tenant be evicted for bad behaviour or continual late payment of rent?

Yes but conditions apply. If payment of rent is 8 or more days late the agent can issue a Notice To Remedy Breach. If this occurs twice then on the third occasion the agent can issue a Notice To Leave.

How many routine inspections can I expect to have on my property?

We conduct routine inspections every 3 months. The focus of the inspections is always maintenance and general condition of the property.

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